Happy Saturday!

I went to my local quilt shop today and when I say local I mean the only one near me which equals 2hrs away. I went in for thread and walked out with 12 fat quarters,thread,a snazzy new pen and a primitive quilts magazine lol


Word on the street is this Aurifil thread is supposed to blend in with any color…I’m skeptical but I’ll give it a shot 😉 if you’ve never tried Aurifil I suggest you pick some up it beats coats and clarks by a mile! Now on to my snazzy pen I’ve been hearing about these but never got a chance to buy one until today. Its a  Frixtion pen you use heat to remove it from fabric,I tried it on white fabric and it worked really well! 


I got these pretty fat quarters as well (I have two pink elephant ones that failed to make it in the picture for some reason) I haven’t decided just yet how I’ll use these but I can tell it’ll make a quite boy quilt!


I’ve been working on these awesome batik squares this past week, the gray is from Robert Kaufman’s quilters linen collection and the batik is also Robert kaufman. I need to make 56 of these! I can’t wait to put this quilt together its going to be gorgeous 🙂 

Sorry for the crappy pics I don’t have a proper camera yet I had to improvise with my tablet :\ 
Thanks for reading I’m hoping to post more I’ve just been so busy with making quilts and keeping up with my little ones!

May your bobbin never run out of thread and you never have birds nests in the back of your quilts! (Cheesy but I’m thinking its a cute way to end stuff)
Happy Quilting!


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