New baby quilt!

So the last post I showed y’all some fabric I got and well this past week I got around to making it into a cute little baby quilt! It took me a week but only because I had some major work on my teeth this past Monday, it was no Bueno! Anyway this was a fun, fast, easy quilt to make. It consisted of 6 finished blocks. I didn’t follow the pattern exactly and I’m glad I didn’t because I like how mine came out.
That reminds me when you quilt don’t follow it exactly its like cooking I never follow a recipe 100%, sure I follow the basic concept but I like to add my own “spices” to the recipe.  Mix up the colors, maybe move the blocks a different way whatever just make it your own and you will love the finished product!



See the back? I added a random star Ive really been loving the backs of quits like this I think it looks neat and adds character to the back. I think next tie I’ll stick with a solid fabric for the star so people can see it but for now I am very happy with this.
It wasn’t easy putting that star back there and if I’m honest it took me like 2 hours to get it just right lol but hey I’m still new at this so I’m thinking I did on on my first try.


Here is one more picture just to show how I did the quilting. I went ahead and just kept it simple with straight lines and I really love how it came out.
I hope y’all like this quilt as much as I do and thanks for reading!


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