Prairie Points Anyone?

The thing I love about quilting is how challenging it can be, Im always up for a good challenge and Prairie Points was my next challenge. I watched several videos on Youtube to make sure I would do them right and ill link them here and here. The second tutorial shows you a bit about how to do a continual prairie point but you can still get an idea of how to put it on and bind a quilt as well. I also decided to try my hand at a table runner and I had some scraps left over from a cool quilt i’ve been working on. I kind of followed along with this tutorial of course its not like that at all but I liked the look of this.

I started out with 2 1/2 in squares(like my hello kitty ironing table?! Me too!) Iron them flat and then fold them into triangles
photo (4)

Boom triangles 😉 I made 12 of these little guys 6 batik and 6 gray (both fabrics are Robert Kaufman)
photo (9)

I then strips together, see its easy!
photo (5)

Here it is my first table runner with its snazzy prairie points, my table is too big but it looks pretty nice with a candle on top of it 😉
photo (6)

See the candle spruces it up! FYI if you have never heard of Diamond Candles i suggest you follow the link and discover their awesomeness…You’re welcome. Oh and see that cool apple there? My twin sister brought that back from Afghanistan for me its got the cutest little coasters in it.
photo (8)

Ok last picture here is a close up of the Prairie points! Just slip them in between the open part of the triangle, pin them down and sew them down oh and make sure when you pin them they are pinned pointing towards the inside that way when you are done and add the binding you just iron them back to face out plus the binding helps pull them back as well.
photo (7)

I hope y’all liked my table runner and maybe you will try praire points! If you do let me know id love to see pictures which you can easily share on my facebook page Three Little Cowgirls

Thanks for reading and Happy Quilting!!


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