A spicy quilt for a spicy aunt

Hello all! Well today I finally finished my Aunts Quilt, she’s currently in the OKC hospital where she had a double lung transplant and i wanted to make her something to cheer her up! 🙂

She’s got a feisty personality so I wanted to add some fabric to the quilt that reflected her and the Robert Kaufman Salsa fabric was the perfect one!

I saw a pattern on Pinterest and loved it but decided to kind of just wing it lol Normally I don’t do well with my own designs but I think I did pretty good for my first time 😉

I loved the diamond look and i loved adding in the fun salsa print

Also this was my first time to try out Free Motion Quilting on a quilt i was giving away, it could use work but hey their are no quilt police so im pretty proud of it 😀

Finished product! Why yes that’s my investigator kitty Aunt Brittany (a story for another time i think)

I also wanted to add a note 🙂 Lots of quilters have told me to always document your quilts 🙂

I did a simple stitch in the ditch with this one, i wanted to get it out to my aunt as fast as I could because hello hospitals are so dang cold! Anyway I hope y’all like this quilt as much as I do and I can’t wait to hear what my aunt thinks!

Happy Quilting!


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