I Don’t Do Resolutions

Happy New Year to my readers! I hope you all had a wonderful crafty 2013 and that 2014 is just as crafty!
Ok so I don’t do Resolutions, why you ask? Well I feel like I will fail at them, so I figure I might as well not even have any. I have decided to have Goals, I don’t know but that just seems more attainable and if I don’t reach a goal that’s cool at least I tried! Would you like to hear what they are? Of course you do!

photo (14)
There you have it! Yes it’s just a post-it taped to my wall but I don’t have a bulletin board so whatever it works πŸ˜‰ Anyway I have tons of quilts in the works and I really need to get down to business with them, I figure ill try getting one done a month. If my kraken children leave me be ill be able to actually full fill that goal!

Next on the list Making 17 Christmas stockings…yes I really do plan on making 17 stockings by next Christmas. The family is growing and I just feel like how cool would it be if everyone got a stocking?! I’ve actually never made a stocking before but hey i’ve watched a few videos on the ol youtube it shouldn’t be too hard right?! If you know of any good tutorials ill be happy to see them, just shoot me an email!

Alright Next goal and this one is important, Blog more! Yes I do really need to blog more. I actually have a few tutorials put away, I just have no camera except my cell camera and lets face it, it doesn’t do any justice to the cool quilts i make. Maybe my hubby will read this and get the hint I NEED A CAMERA! πŸ˜‰ Blogging is super fun but it’s no fun if their are no cool pictures accompanying the post right?

Last Goal for now…I definitely want to try and do two giveaways this year, Im figuring two is a nice number and something that is easily attainable. I’m almost done with a cool table runner which I think will make the perfect first giveaway! If you don’t already please follow my blog, find my Facebook page(their is a link on this page somewhere!) my Instagram Threelittlecowgirls and even my Pinterest account . I actually have a whole board dedicated to just quilting if you just fancy following only that one ;)Oh and I forgot I have a twitter account too(lol so many sites these days i forget what i have) Anyway ill be announcing the giveaway on all those sites so feel free to follow me on all of them and hey I love having new quilting buddies!

Now a question for you do you have Resolutions or are you like me and just make goals? What are your goals for this year? id really love to hear about them!

Happy Quilting,
Catherine πŸ™‚


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