Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hi all! Valentine’s day is in a few days and for some reason I’m feeling like actually decorating my house….maybe because I have children who would think it was cool or I’m just feeling the love this year πŸ˜‰
I also decided to join a Valentine’s homemade swap this year and I’m stoked! I’ve only been in one other swap and to be honest it wasn’t that fun. I decided to make Valentine mugrugs for my recipients and I’m excited to show y’all a tutorial on how I made them!

I decided to do a simple heart block,I was going to do five different hearts but I just couldn’t find any I really liked so I just stuck with the one I knew how to make.

I guess I should explain what a mugrug is because I’ve noticed in a few quilt groups I’m in that some people are confused as to what a mugrug is. It’s actually a coaster but it’s classier then a regular ol coaster because we quilt it up and use pretty blocks or applique. Some people use heat resistant batting and some use jeans but me I use plain ol scraps of batting I’ve got lying around. Now if I were to make say a big one for my tea pot I would probably use heat resistant batting but I feel like if you’re making one for your tea cup,coffee cup or even just a glass of water you really don’t need the heat resistant. Ok lets get to the actual tutorial, i know yall are dying to see it! πŸ˜‰

Things you will need (this is for ONE MugRug)

1/2 yard dark colored fabric
1/2 yard light colored fabric
either a dark or light backing fabric
Binding-I used the dark color for the binding but you can use whatever you want or have on hand πŸ˜‰
Thread- I used Aurifil 50WT Cotton in the color 2310 Lt.Beige(fyi in the pictures I used a dark blue sew yall could see the stitches but the others I used the light beige)
Rotary Cutter
Rulers-I used my big 24in acrylic ruler and my 6x6in square ruler
Sewing machine or hey you could even sew/quilt it by hand!

First things first if you haven’t squared up your fabric by now I suggest doing that first.
Then cut out 2-4 1/2in squares from each fat quarter. Take one dark color and one light color and put them pretty sides together

Sew them together with a 1/4in seam all around.

Now cut it corner to corner making an X, I don’t like moving my pieces because i find that messes up my cutting but if you happen to be a lucky soul who has a small rotating mate then by golly bust it out! Ill just sit over here jealous of your coolness.



Next up lets set those seams and iron them to the darkside and if you’re a geek like me then lets imagine Darth Vader sitting at an ironing board ironing his seams to the darkside…


Time to use that 6in square ruler to square up our little squares! You could just cut the little dog ears off but im still not perfect in my sewing so I often have different sized squares even though I did it how it was supposed to be done. I squared mine up to 2 7/8in squares, that just barely shaved some off the sides and enough to take the dog ears off.


See how my little square isn’t exactly square? That happens to me a bit lol

You only need 2 of those HST (half square triangles) So go ahead and save those other two for another heart!

Now go ahead and cut 2-2 7/8in squares from the dark fabric(maybe cut two more and then you can make yourself another heart)
Sorry I don’t have a picture of me cutting out the squares I kind of forgot to take one. Now as you can see when you put them up top its not a heart yet but just wait!
Now what I did was I had cut out a bunch of 2 1/2in squares from the light fabric because I wanted to have them ready for another project, anyway i grabbed two of them and cut out 4-1 1/2in squares.


I then drew a line from corner to corner or you can even iron them so you can have a crease, that’s especially helpful if you have a dark fabric and you don’t have a pen or chalk that will show up on the fabric.


Now sew on that line.


Now this is important so lean in close..ok IRON that first seam, set it then iron it back. If you don’t and leave it just like that and sew the other block over it you will end up with a funky looking heart. Trust me I forgot that step on one block and it came out so wonky I wanted to cry(not really but maybe).

See how that left block lays lovely over that right block? That’s because when I sewed it on the other one was already right side up. Now go ahead and sew on the other two blocks on your other square.

Boom here it is! Oh and don’t for get to cut that extra fabric off on those top squares. Just fold them back and cut a little ways from the seam, you don’t want any extra bulk going on back there when you start quilting.

Ok the way its set out I want you to sew sides together and then top and bottom together and you will end up with this
Make sure you trim off any dog ears or thread that may be sticking out. It should end up to be a 5in square when its all said and done πŸ™‚
Next you will want to cut out 2in borders in the light color. I like to sew on my top and bottom borders first but you can do the sides first its your block do what you want!

I like to cut mine a little bigger then the block in case I mess up I can just easily square it up. I made these a little longer then 5in so probably about 6 1/2 inches. I then took my ruler and made it square.

The sides obviously have to be bigger and I cut mine out to be 2inx10in to some that may be over kill but to me it gives me piece of mind.

sew them on!

Here you go a lovely Heart.

Now I used a bright pink for the back because it just felt right but you could always use the darker fabric for the back to give it a nice contrast or even the light fabric. I know I didn’t show the steps to this but I cut out my backing to about 9×9 because the finished square ended up being 7 1/2in. If you don’t feel comfortable with that cut it a little bigger! I then cut out my batting to almost the same size and threw my block on there..well not really threw it but you get the gist ;). Then I pinned it down so that I could start quilting it YAY!


I decided to outline the heart because I love what echoing does to a quilt especially if you really want to draw attention to a certain block. Of course this is only my 3rd time echoing so its a little off but whatever in the end it’ll look nifty I swear!

Here it is a quilted! This probably took me about 20ish minutes because I have three kids and they kept wanting me to help them build a fort.
I cut off the edges and squared it up so that I could add the binding.

Cut out 2in strips for the binding, I used the pink because I just thought it would look cool lol I then attached the binding with my sewing machine and hand sewed it down to the other side using the light beige thread.


Here’s the back and of course I added my label because you should ALWAYS label anything you make especially quilts!


Here’s a close ups of the quilting which I think came out super cool. Look how puffy that heart looks, it just really brings it out and makes it look lovely.


Now since I needed to make five of these I decided to make some different colors and I even mixed up the fabric a bit. For the other four I just did some free motion quilting(FMQ) and even that looked cool. This picture shows them all but I hadn’t put the binding on the others yet and I forgot to take a picture for y’all before I sent them off.


I hope y’all enjoyed my first in depth tutorial, I enjoy making these hearts and I plan to make more for some special ladies in my life πŸ™‚ Now go out and make some mugrugs and give one to a special someone in your life!

Happy Quilting and Happy Valentines Day!


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