31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Hey all! its been way too long! Ive decided to try out the 31 day blog writing challenge. I’m hoping i can keep with it and post everyday. I enjoy blogging about my crafts but I never seem to make the time to sit down and write about them. If you would like to join in here’s the link to see who else is participating as well!

I’m currently working on quite a few gifts and crafts for a county fair (march!) so Ill keep y’all up to date on what i’m making :).

I’m currently working on some crown royal quilts, Ive never used those bags before and I have to admit its quite a pain! None of the bags are even. I’m hoping its because the manufacturer does that on purpose and its not my cutting and sewing skills ;P *cough*its probably my skills*cough* Any helpful suggestions leave a comment below Id love any feedback!!

Thanks for stopping by and tomorrow ill have a longer post i promise 🙂

Happy Quilting (or sewing, or crocheting..you get the gist)

Catherine 🙂


Sewing Room Fun and a Giveaway!!

So my Three Little Cowgirls all share a room (its not cramped its lovely actually) and that meant I could FINALLY have my own sewing space. I started off in the dining room but eventually moved into the livingroom. It was getting cramped because I of course like other quilters started to develop a stash. My husband decided the girls had to share a room YAY Me! I’ve been in there a few months and have finally started to decorate a bit and make it seem more homey and sewing room like. I wanted to show some of the decorating ive been doing, also disregard the toys on the floor…try as I might my children will not stay out of my sewing room LOL

First up I was in desperate need of a bulletin board, I was using Washi tape to hold up some ideas i was having. Its pretty but eventually it just got too messy for my taste. FYI the washi tape I linked you too is for Amazon but I actually bought mine at The Family Dollar in my town for $2! So if your interested in a craft with Washi Tape I suggest checking out your local Dollar store ;).

Ok, Ok enough of that here’s the picture

I recently bought like 2 yards of purple fabric from the Missouri Star Quilt Company (love,love,love them! They have great videos and the fabric is great!) I forgot WHY i had bought it so I decided to use it on my bulletin board!! I don’t exactly have a link for you to use on HOW I did it because I went on Pinterest and found several tutorials I liked and pretty much incorporated all of them into one. I basically just wrapped my fabric around and mitered the corners and hot glued and nail gunned it all down. I wanted to be even craftier and decided to hot glue buttons onto the thumbtacks I bought. I guess I was trying to really make you believe it was a sewing room lol

I bought these on Etsy from someone who was closing down shop. She was selling bags full of just random buttons for like $3 so I bought a few bags.

Next up my design wall! I actually have a really big empty wall but my husband has yet to help me build what I want built so I improvised until he has time. My youngest was born in July so I bought these cheap table clothes for her birthday party. I didn’t need them anymore but I saved them because I heard you could use the back to put your quilt blocks on. I decided to hang one up and it works PERFECT! The flannel or whatever is on the back of it holds up those blocks and Ive never had one fall down 🙂


I like to make practice blocks to make sure I can do them so when im done I just throw them up there AND it adds to my sewing decor! See boom two in one uses!

Next up is my little shelf, it was left over from our other house and it had no home. I decided to hang it up and put glass jars underneath it. ingenious right?! Wish I could take credit for that but alas I found it on the ever so helpful Pinterest!


I had a pretty decanter that my husbands grandmother gave me (thanks Amaw!) just lying around so I put it up there along with my lovely Aurifil thread and Connecting threads 🙂 I felt like it was lacking something so I bought those paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby and my first ever bottle of Modge Podge and the fabric, well I had that lying around and thought hey the colors would look great on my wall! 🙂 It came out lovely I just love it.

Now this some of y’all will not understand but if you LOVE The Lord of The Rings Trilogy then I know you can appreciate this! My sister painted this for me for our Birthday(yes our birthday we are twins, and no we don’t look anything alike) I wanted to put it up in the living room but I just thought it would look cooler in here and show a bit of my geeky side. Oh and that little canvas I drew the harry Potter Deathly Hallows sign onto it…if you haven’t guessed yet that I am very geeky 🙂 (brownie points if you noticed my weeping angels in my bulletin board picture….)


It’s still a work in progress and im sure the more I add to it, it will feel even more like a sewingroom.:) I do want to know what y’all think of this idea I had…I want to do patchwork curtains for the room, how awesome would that be? Maybe a little something like this http://beachvintage.blogspot.com/2012/02/project-day-studio-curtain.html yay or nay?

Oh I want to show a picture of my oldest cowgirl Ava 🙂 She just completed her first quilt! We went small and made one for her rainbow dash doll she has.

She picked out all the fabric scraps and sewed/quilted it all herself! She’s getting a sewing machine for her birthday, boy will she be excited!!

Ok lets get to the Giveaway 🙂 I made this table topper as a test one and as I don’t like to sell my test quilts because lets face it, it has mistakes. I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway!

This is the top, I made it from one Charm pack and some left over fabric I had from another project.

Here’s the back, now im not normally a fan of white backs but just look how cool the quilting looks! I just love it and im jealous one of you guys gets to have it!!


Ok now for the ways you can enter 🙂 I would love to hear what new crafty thing you have recently learned to do! It can be anything, sewing, quilting, maybe you built an ark. I don’t care just as long as you leave a comment here or on my Facebook post about this blog post 🙂 You can even tag me in a picture on Instagram for extra points. Use the Hashtag #threelittlecowgirls and make sure you link me on your instagram post which of course is Threelittlecowgirls.The end date for this is Sunday March 16th. Don’t forget to like my facebook page and Instagram profile, I love new followers! FYI if you have a private IG I wont be able to see your picture. Ill let the winner know the day after closing so keep an eye out. I cant wait to hear about your new crafts thanks for reading!

Happy Quilting,

New baby quilt!

So the last post I showed y’all some fabric I got and well this past week I got around to making it into a cute little baby quilt! It took me a week but only because I had some major work on my teeth this past Monday, it was no Bueno! Anyway this was a fun, fast, easy quilt to make. It consisted of 6 finished blocks. I didn’t follow the pattern exactly and I’m glad I didn’t because I like how mine came out.
That reminds me when you quilt don’t follow it exactly its like cooking I never follow a recipe 100%, sure I follow the basic concept but I like to add my own “spices” to the recipe.  Mix up the colors, maybe move the blocks a different way whatever just make it your own and you will love the finished product!



See the back? I added a random star Ive really been loving the backs of quits like this I think it looks neat and adds character to the back. I think next tie I’ll stick with a solid fabric for the star so people can see it but for now I am very happy with this.
It wasn’t easy putting that star back there and if I’m honest it took me like 2 hours to get it just right lol but hey I’m still new at this so I’m thinking I did on on my first try.


Here is one more picture just to show how I did the quilting. I went ahead and just kept it simple with straight lines and I really love how it came out.
I hope y’all like this quilt as much as I do and thanks for reading!


I’d like to start sharing my adventures in quilting,sewing and maybe cooking recipes if I’m feeling adventurous enough 😉  I’ve always wanted to learn to quilt but never felt like I could do it. One day while on vacation I met a friend of my husbands,she hadn’t been quilting long but she made the most beautiful quilts! She was so kind as to give me some pointers and even helped me start my fabric stash! Well I got home turned on my sewing machine and got to work on my first quilt,it wasn’t very good or straight but I was happy with it 🙂  I started watching YouTube videos and two of my favorites are The Missouri star quilt company and the Crafty Gemini. If you ever need the basics I suggest you check them out. The Missouri star has tons of pre cut projects which are great beginner projects and what I love about the crafty Gemini is she goes through everything from cutting to binding. I’m hoping to get some pictures up soon to show my projects, I hope you enjoy this blog. Thanks for reading!