What have I been up to?

Sorry guys and gals Ive been out of the blogging game for a bit! We had a few family deaths and to be honest it really made me sad to get in my sewing room and sew. I’m back at it and have been quilting up a storm! I’ll post pictures of what ive been up too 😀 I also bought a NEW sewing machine!! My Singer HD just decided to quit working and I wasnt able to sew anything 😦 Luckily the bank aka my husband loaned me some mula to buy an awesome new machine! I bought the Brother PQ1500s from Wawak yes, yes i know i could of bought from Amazon for a hundred cheaper but I don’t have Prime and in the end it was cheaper to go this route. Wawak ships that day (if you order before 5pm) and you get it in only a few days! They had excellent customer service and personally called me when they needed my street address( I made a mistake while ordering OOPS!) I love this machine soooo very much. I’m thinking of doing a video tutorial because I did have trouble with threading it and bobbin troubles. The only Youtube video i could find on it was not in english so it was a bit hard to figure out. If y’all would like a video leave me a comment and ill be happy to share what I had to learn the hard way LOL.

Ok back to what ive been working on, I had a tumbler quilt i made for myself last year just begging me to put the binding on it lol so i finished it up and boom 2 of my 3 red heads wanted it for themselves(the 2yr old could care less)


I also made this cool Easter Cross wall hanging, I’ve got a tutorial all written up for it so if you would like me to show y’all how i did it just let me know 🙂

Ive really gotten into modern quilts and quilting and decided to try my hand at it. I made this pillow from a dream I had one night lol sounds silly but I do believe it came out quite awesome.


Now this is a custom that isnt done yet but dont y’all just love those colors?! batiks were never really cool to me until i started using them and now I just love them! Ill link y’all to this fat quarter bundle because I think everyone should buy this purple. Also here’s the pattern i’m using 🙂


Ok I can’t take credit for this quilt but I did help with it! I’m in Facebook group that put’s together Quilts of Valor, everyone sends in 12in blocks, then we have someone put the top together and then someone who has a longarm machine quilts it! I got to put the binding on 🙂 I was so excited to be apart of something so cool even though it was a small part but hey every quilt needs a binding right?! if you’ve never heard of Quilts of Valor i suggest looking into it or maybe joining a group so you can be apart of the process. One thing I always enjoy supporting is the military especially our wounded/vets so please take the time and check it out.


Ok last but definitely not least I am working on a vintage quilt that my husbands grandmother made. She made the top 30 years ago and gave it to her granddaughter. It’s been sitting in a bag and finally Sabrina asked me if i would quilt it for her, of course i said YES! How cool is it to be apart of something someone started years before. I am almost done with it but here’s part of what i did earlier this week 🙂


I didn’t want to take away from Amaw’s appliqueing so i decided that echo quilting would look so cool and just bring your eyes to the center of the quilt. Thanks to my snazzy new machine i was able to finish the middle super fast. I am currently on the final border and doing just a simple stipple. Ill be sure and post pictures of it when its done either here or on my Instagram account Threelittlecowirls.

I hope y’all enjoyed all my projects from the past few months, I have more but I just haven’t taken pictures of them yet lol.
Oh one more thing their is a website called Patchwork threads, they sell quilting/sewing themed shirts and they are Adorable! Super soft and comfy, Ive bought two so far but i see myself buying more in the near future LOL.
I own this one which is HILARIOUS because it’s sort of true!

And i ordered another one that when you buy it 20% of the proceeds go towards Quilt of Valor so its a win/win for me 😀 Anyway check out that store and buy a cool shirt.
Hope y’all have a lovely quilting day and ill be getting back into the groove of things so ill be blogging more, thanks for reading!

Happy Quilting,